Another Art Bites the Dust . . .

Handwriting, that is. My own handwriting shifts from passable to abominable, depending on circumstances; and it’s never been exemplary, to be sure. But apparently in our miraculous digital age, using a pen or pencil is now becoming utterly passé for the youth, who favor the use of computer and cell-phone keyboards to communicate. However, all is not lost.

“People no longer travel on horseback but some go to a riding school; motor yachts exist but many people are as devoted to true sailing as the Phoenicians of 3,000 years ago; there are tunnels and railroads but many still enjoy walking or climbing Alpine passes; people collect stamps even in the age of email; and armies go to war with Kalashnikovs but we also hold peaceful fencing tournaments.”

Thus Umberto Eco in “The lost art of handwriting” at The Guardian/


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