Mazes and Monsters . . .

Minotaurs and centaurs and other things strange and beautiful and . . . Other; the palpable untranslatability of gauchos into cowboys; the various words in different languages that we use to speak of the Moon (moon or lune or luna or selene); counting to infinity on the fingers of one hand . . . are all touched upon by the great poet and fantasist from Argentina, who saw countries as yet another of our myths . . . .

“I suppose every poet has his own private mythology. Maybe he’s unaware of it. People tell me that I have evolved a private mythology of tigers, of blades, of labyrinths, and I”m unaware of the fact this is so. My readers are finding it all the time. But I think perhaps that is the duty of poet. When I think of America, I always tend to think in terms of Walt Whitman. The word Manhattan was invented for him, no?”

From “A Conversation With Jorge Luis Borges” from Artful Dodge‘s online archive.


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