A Peculiar, Small Volume from the Shelves of the Library of Babel

bookofsandKnown as the internet: “The Book of Sand: A Hypertext/Puzzle” is essentially Jorge Luis Borges’ story (in the translation by Norman Thomas di Giovanni) shuffled a bit. The puzzle, concocted by Maximus Clarke, involves placing the eight hypertext pages of the story in their proper original order, as Borges intended his short narrative to be read. For solving the puzzle (which yours truly did on the first try–admittedly it isn’t hard, especially if you’re a Borges enthusiast), your reward will be entry into the lists of the Borgesian Order of Omnibibliological Kabbalists (or B.O.O.K.).

May the beneficent aspects of Tlön, Uqbar, and Orbis Tertius shine upon your path as you navigate this particular section of the labyrinth!

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