We Don’t Need No “Globalization” . . .

Recently the West (or perhaps that should be “the West” because the peoples, social instruments, and social institutions that that term typically targets are hardly monolithic in reality–certainly not today, if ever) celebrated the fall of the Berlin Wall, with much blithe fanfare and large swigs of stunningly ignorant and malapropriate triumphalism from those who equate capitalism with democracy (if not divine beneficence). Gone are the bad old days of the Soviet Union and its slave-countries . . . except that the present doesn’t look so good either . . . .

“Is capitalist realism the only answer to socialist utopianism? Was what followed the fall of the Wall really the era of capitalist maturity, the leaving behind of all utopias? What if that era relied on a utopia of its own?”

In “Post-Wall,” at the London Review of Books’ website, philosopher Slavoj Žižek takes in the current zeitgeist–or possibly lack thereof–of anti-Communists in Eastern Europe, considers the despotic capitalism of China, and proposes that perhaps a revised, humane socialism might be a good idea.

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