Time to shake off the hopium . . .

Over the last year in the U.S. the Democratic Party from top to bottom has by and large demonstrated only that it can succeed in mostly being a slightly less evil version of the Republican Party. That they are polling nearly as badly as each other is evidence for this. Both parties have, in the esteem of much of the American public, reached a tie in their race to the bottom. One way or another, either in the form of primary challenges or third party/indie opposition in the final turns this coming election season, they’ve got a shakedown coming–not from the Right, but from the American public. About time.

“Those who look at the crises our states and country face and look at the legislative opportunity Democrats hold and nonetheless argue for ‘patience’ are making the very same ‘don’t go too fast’ argument made against every step forward we’ve ever taken. They are the Father Coughlins arguing against the New Deal, the Goldwaterites opposing Medicare, the tea party protestors angrily snarling at minorities and the uninsured.”

Thus David Sirota in “Hope Is Not Change” at In These Times.


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