Change We Can Believe in . . . Not!

“Like plenty of other Lefties, I was neither smitten with President Obama’s campaign platform nor was I entirely cynical about the prospects of having a smart, capable person in the proverbial throne. In fact, I was actually impressed by him on several occasions . . . . Thus, when Obama won the election, I was confident that he would initiate some of the few pseudo-progressive (though far from Leftist) reforms he laid out on the campaign trail, namely ending the war in Iraq. Yet in 2009, rhetorical gymnastics and hollow gestures toward ‘change’ are the calling cards of a PR-based administration that continues to legitimize illegal wars, preemptive military strikes, corporate tyranny, and the suppression of facts pertaining to U.S. war crimes. For example, putting an end to the ‘war on terror’ is supposed to mean something more than just getting rid of the phrase the ‘war on terror’.”

Both words and images from “The Obama Administration and the Rule of ‘Opposite Day!‘” by Zack Furness at Bad Subjects. Furness pretty much gets it right.

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