It’s Knowledge as Old as Jesus . . .


Who reportedly said something about a camel and the eye of a needle and rich men having a dicey time of it trying to enter unto that nifty place up in the sky . . . .  We never seriously needed a scientific study to buttress what has been widely recognized for millennia–namely that the unmitigated accumulation of wealth can have dire consequences for your–metaphorically speaking–soul. Or your heart, as some might put it,  or the lobes in your brain that enable you to empathize with your fellow humanoid bipeds (as I might say it). But however you choose to interpret Jesus (a character in a book to me) and what he said about camels etc., it’s reassuring in a way to know that there’s scientifically vetted evidence to support the long-standing, sober awareness–as in sans American Dreaming–that the rich frequently tend to be shitheals.

“How Wealth Reduces Compassion” by Daisy Grewal at Scientific American‘s website.


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