Chomsky on the Occupy Movement and the Arab Spring

It’s been sitting on my “drafts” shelf a little while, but here:

Noam Chomsky by Abshalom Jac Lahav

Noam Chomsky on America’s Declining Empire, Occupy and the Arab Spring ” is the text of an interview originally conducted by Joshua Holland for AlterNet Radio–which is available as a podcast, about which marvelous and comparatively new medium I shall have a little something to say shortly. Chomsky usually has a lot to say, and what he says this time is as insightful as ever.

(The portrait of Chomsky above, incidentally, is by Abshalom Jac Lahav; it is part of a series entitled “48 Jews,” about which and whom and whatall more can be found here at Face Making–“Gwenn Seemel’s bilingual blog about all the faces she makes while painting faces.”)


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