Yet Still More Chomsky . . .

Occupy the FutureMore from the Chomsky backlog: “Noam Chomsky, A Rebellious World or a New Dark Age?” at TomDispatch introduces Chomsky’s “Plutonomy and the Precariat,” excerpted from Chomsky’s new book Occupy, available via Zuccotti Park Press. Here Chomsky’s does a lot to answer the question “Why Occupy?” which gets thrown down by the uncomprehending–or rather, by those who persistently and often mendaciously declare their bafflement when confronted with the raw democracy of the movement.

“We’re really regressing back to the dark ages. It’s not a joke.  And if that’s happening in the most powerful, richest country in history, then this catastrophe isn’t going to be averted — and in a generation or two, everything else we’re talking about won’t matter. Something has to be done about it very soon in a dedicated, sustained way.”

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