Why They “Hate” Us Reason #1,074 and Counting; or, Hepatitus B for Bin Laden

Hepatitus B

Observing the U. S. media’s recent response to the conviction and sentencing of CIA sock-puppet Dr. Shakil Afridi in Pakistan, who actually fabricated and implemented a phoney Hepatitus B vaccination program which was carried out on Pakistani children in order to locate the U. S.’s now-deceased (via extra-legal assassination) top boogieman, the impeccably intelligent Glenn Greenwald gets inside some of the tortuous machinations of “The Imperial Mind ” in a recent edition of his column at Salon.com.

I recall way back in the last millennium, around 1979, how the supposed news media typically handled what was then designated the Iranian Hostage Crisis, and even back then, when I was but a mere stripling youth unable to grow a proper mustache, it was clear to me that there was a profound and pervasive double-standard at work–where the lives of U. S. citizens where held at a higher value than the lives of non-U. S. citizens; while we were expected to deplore the victimization of the former and empathize and tie yellow ribbons around every unsuspecting and defenseless oak tree and so on in their name, the latter were well-nigh invisible to the cameras and commentary of the (then only three) major commercial television networks.

“It’s all different when it’s done to America rather than by America. That’s the great prize for being the world’s imperial power: the rules you impose on others don’t bind you at all.” That’s Greenwald today, citing the unquestioning and essentially uniform viewing angle of, among others, NPR and The New York Times.

The planet spins.


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