The 9

Illuminati? No.

A Is for Atheist

9 Great Freethinkers and Religious Dissenters in History” is a piece by Adam Lee at AlterNet. It includes some interesting angles on famous people who’ve been not so thrilled by the whole God trip, including Einstein (who famously stated that “God does not play dice with the universe” when faced with some of the wilder implications of quantum theory, but otherwise didn’t give much credence to religious doctrine and belief), suffragette Elizabeth Cady Stanton, the religiously-named but nonetheless irreligious Emma Lazarus, Robert Frost (who’d have thought?), and the United States’ greatest songwriter, Yip Harburg.

(The nifty symbol up there is a recombinated hybrid type thingy developed in the labs of Canadian artiste Marc Poulin–as a design for a possible tattoo, of all things–which utilizes the symbols of  the American Atheist Society with its spinning atom representation and a more recent–and decidedly more svelte–original design by “Diane 531.”)

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