Make Love Not War Still Makes Sense

It did for Aristophanes and Lysistrata in ancient Greece. It did in the almost legendary Sixties in the U. S. “Make Love Not War” is an expressive admonition from the Vietnam War era that speaks volumes about a person’s worldview even today, and it doesn’t necessarily originate from any nostalgic longing for the Summer of Love.

But what was it like before then, in the Good Ol’ Days that never was in the U. S. of A.? And after? Now?

Maybe things did get better after all–things have certainly changed–the Pill came along, and a lot more people came . . . but, in all seriousness too, the Pill did more than that. It changed things for women forever. And the gay liberation movement found its footing and its voice(s), and its progress remains unreversed and, perhaps, irreversable.

It’s a complicated tale, and Nancy L. Cohen gives an account and some analysis of the era in American history that led to where we are today in “How the Sexual Revolution Changed America Forever,” an excerpt from her book Delirium: How the Sexual Counterrevolution is Polarizing America, found over at AlterNet.


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