Another Chapter Closes

Star-voyager Neil ArmstrongA great and courageous American is gone. Another one, I should say–with the recent passing of luminaries like Gore Vidal and Ray Bradbury and others . . . . He didn’t rush us into a war; he traveled to another world in peace, for all of us humans here on Earth. He was in the military but he didn’t bomb anyone–rather he and his fellow astronauts rode a missile into the depths of the sky . . . .

I watched the first Moon landings when I was four years old–I thought we’d have Moon-bases and personal rocket-packs. I really believed it. Even well into my adolescence I still thought there was a remote chance that I would get to the Moon myself. Seems silly now. When I look around and see all that this nation is NOT achieving, with its choice of leadership restricted by greed to the likes of Romney and Obama, the future looks not just uncertain but almost unavoidably bleak. And that seems to be likely not just for the U. S. A. but for the rest of the world as well. It’s the end of an era, alright.


About two weeks ago Curiosity landed on Mars. We are still leaving our footprints on other worlds. Perhaps we can still find our way back to that dreamtime where we threw fire at the sky and hoped to build castles among the constellations.

Goodbye Neil Armstrong, star-voyager.

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