Inheriting the Wind Department:

I Am Jewish and I Want Israel to Stop Killing Palestinians

A Pillar Built on Sand” is John Mearsheimer’s careful and scrutinizing assessment of the current and ongoing–and characteristically cruel–devastation of the Palestinian Gaza Strip by Israel’s military, at the London Review of Books‘ website.


8 Responses to Inheriting the Wind Department:

  1. turkischland says:

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    Viva Palestina

  3. OyiaBrown says:

    Should they just accept without answer, year after year, rockets launched indiscriminately from centres of population within Gaza – treating the Palestinian population to act as human shields in the process?

    • Jeff Nguyen says:

      Should the Palestinians just accept year after year being cut off from humanitarian aid, unable to export goods to build their economy, humiliating checkpoints, needing to build tunnels to bring supplies in from Egypt, being punching bags for one of the most advanced militaries in the world thanks to U.S. taxpayers, denial of statehood by the U.S. and Israel?

  4. V.C. says:

    Sadly, the Israeli government cares nothing about Jews; but only for its own power. That power is dependent on war, terrorism and occupation.
    Jews, for their own interest, need to recognize the top two enemies of their nation: Israel and the USA.

  5. shafiqah1 says:

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    Looks like a good read. Why is mankind so cruel to one another? I’ll never understand <3

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