Preamble and Excuses

If you can say aloud the possibly megalomaniacal and tortuously alliterative sub-title of this blog without actually biting off or swallowing your tongue and choking . . . then you’ll probably be OK if you continue to read more of it. But don’t say you haven’t been warned.


What’s all this about then?

Anything. That’s why it’s a “miscellany”–it’s meant to be no more than a catalog, with some commentary, of the hodge-podge of stuff I’ve found and read or heard or (occasionally when words are not the primary medium) seen on the internet. Not necessarily “hot” or topical newsy stuff. But much of the time stuff that’s been lying around for quite a while, unknown to me and perhaps unknown to other people who might stumble across this blog. And newsy stuff too, if it’s important or somehow related in some significant way or another to the shapes that emerge from the continuity of this catalog itself.

The internet has become since its beginnings a gigantic junkyard (and yes that description is euphemistic I know); still from this massive aggregate of detritus and digital kipple one can sometimes extract a treasure that is worth savoring and perhaps of better than passing or trivial interest.

That high-minded (or at least highbrow) enough for you?


This blog is the work of me, who is a writer living in Honolulu.


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