Guess what? More Bernie Sanders . . .

February 6, 2016

On Saturday Night Live . . .


Bernie Sanders Is the Best Thing Since They Invented Sliced Bread Dept.

January 22, 2016


Introducing the New All-Bernie Sanders, All the Time Format . . .

January 20, 2016

The Nation has endorsed Bernie Sanders for President.


This is only the third time in its long history that it has endorsed a candidate for President of the United States.

Half donkey, half elephant, and all turkey, Election Day once again looms like a gigantic, querulous vulture over this once great nation . . .

November 4, 2012

. . . casting its grotesquely contorted shadow like some cosmic, Lovecraftian evil upon the future, it’s fetid, Robber Baron breath wafting over the world, its horrific gobble-gobbling sending shivers of  raw adrenal hysteria across corporate airwaves and cables, the faint hope of the Occupy movement flickers on . . . .

Half Donkey Half Elephant All Turkey

Stiffed” at the London Review of Books‘ website is David Runciman’s take on The Occupy Handbook and the socio-political phenomenon which spawned it. Runciman isn’t particularly hopeful about the whole Occupy thing, and he’s especially disdainful–or at least acutely critical–of the raft of Occupy-inspired slogans based on percentage-points–although some may be effective rallying cries (“We are the 99%!”) and others obnoxious political gaffs (Romney’s “47%” foot-in-mouth affliction), Runciman doesn’t see much that is real in most of the numbers. It’s a pretty thoughtful article and an interesting read, even if I think that the Occupy movement has more resilience than Runciman’s assessment credits it.

Make Love Not War Still Makes Sense

June 17, 2012

It did for Aristophanes and Lysistrata in ancient Greece. It did in the almost legendary Sixties in the U. S. “Make Love Not War” is an expressive admonition from the Vietnam War era that speaks volumes about a person’s worldview even today, and it doesn’t necessarily originate from any nostalgic longing for the Summer of Love.

But what was it like before then, in the Good Ol’ Days that never was in the U. S. of A.? And after? Now?

Maybe things did get better after all–things have certainly changed–the Pill came along, and a lot more people came . . . but, in all seriousness too, the Pill did more than that. It changed things for women forever. And the gay liberation movement found its footing and its voice(s), and its progress remains unreversed and, perhaps, irreversable.

It’s a complicated tale, and Nancy L. Cohen gives an account and some analysis of the era in American history that led to where we are today in “How the Sexual Revolution Changed America Forever,” an excerpt from her book Delirium: How the Sexual Counterrevolution is Polarizing America, found over at AlterNet.

Start the Austerity without Me, Please . . .

June 15, 2012

Weimar Play MoneyLefty wild man philosopher Slavoj Žižek has this to say regarding the looming elections in Greece. With the socialistic, decidedly Left-wing Syriza party looking like they might just pull off a win, a great gnashing of capitalist teeth can be heard echoing over the Alps and across the Hellespont from the pro-austerity mobsters and their servants in the Eurozone–that is, from the bulk of Europe’s current Establishment leadership and the bankers and businessmen who own them–with the extraordinary success of resistant and recalcitrant Iceland (and earlier of Argentina on the other side of the globe) resisting the imposition of cruel austerity measures and defaulting on their debt . . . notwithstanding. Nope. An anti-austerity, Left-wing victory in Greece foreshadows doom for Europe–not just the Eurozone–and cats and dogs–and Poles and Turks–will start sleeping together. Oh the calamity!

Picket Line 1937“The mere possibility of a Syriza victory is said to have sent ripples of fear through global markets. Ideological prosopopoeia has its day: markets talk as if they were persons, expressing their ‘worry’ at what will happen if the elections fail to produce a government with a mandate to persist with the EU-IMF programme of fiscal austerity and structural reform. The citizens of Greece have no time to worry about these prospects: they have enough to worry about in their everyday lives, which are becoming miserable to a degree unseen in Europe for decades.”

At The London Review of Books‘ website.

Fuck Top-Down Strategies

June 14, 2012

These are interesting times, perhaps in the sense of that old Chinese curse–but I don’t really believe in curses, as such, and so I rather like living in interesting times. Making things more interesting, and in a possibly very important way, are these folks who designate themselves as freegans:

Freegan“After years of trying to boycott products from unethical corporations responsible for human rights violations, environmental destruction, and animal abuse, many of us found that no matter what we bought we ended up supporting something deplorable. We came to realize that the problem isn’t just a few bad corporations but the entire system itself.”