Guess what? More Bernie Sanders . . .

February 6, 2016

On Saturday Night Live . . .

“. . . the only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”

January 24, 2016

So Franklin Delano Roosevelt said in his first inaugural address to the nation in 1933, at the peak of the Great Depression.

Uncle Bernie

Bernie Sanders is not afraid.


Bernie Sanders Rocks

January 24, 2016

Alternative rocker Lissie talks about her new album and–guess what?–Bernie Sanders:

Bernie Sanders Is the Best Thing Since They Invented Sliced Bread Dept.

January 22, 2016


Start the Austerity without Me, Please . . .

June 15, 2012

Weimar Play MoneyLefty wild man philosopher Slavoj Žižek has this to say regarding the looming elections in Greece. With the socialistic, decidedly Left-wing Syriza party looking like they might just pull off a win, a great gnashing of capitalist teeth can be heard echoing over the Alps and across the Hellespont from the pro-austerity mobsters and their servants in the Eurozone–that is, from the bulk of Europe’s current Establishment leadership and the bankers and businessmen who own them–with the extraordinary success of resistant and recalcitrant Iceland (and earlier of Argentina on the other side of the globe) resisting the imposition of cruel austerity measures and defaulting on their debt . . . notwithstanding. Nope. An anti-austerity, Left-wing victory in Greece foreshadows doom for Europe–not just the Eurozone–and cats and dogs–and Poles and Turks–will start sleeping together. Oh the calamity!

Picket Line 1937“The mere possibility of a Syriza victory is said to have sent ripples of fear through global markets. Ideological prosopopoeia has its day: markets talk as if they were persons, expressing their ‘worry’ at what will happen if the elections fail to produce a government with a mandate to persist with the EU-IMF programme of fiscal austerity and structural reform. The citizens of Greece have no time to worry about these prospects: they have enough to worry about in their everyday lives, which are becoming miserable to a degree unseen in Europe for decades.”

At The London Review of Books‘ website.

Fuck Top-Down Strategies

June 14, 2012

These are interesting times, perhaps in the sense of that old Chinese curse–but I don’t really believe in curses, as such, and so I rather like living in interesting times. Making things more interesting, and in a possibly very important way, are these folks who designate themselves as freegans:

Freegan“After years of trying to boycott products from unethical corporations responsible for human rights violations, environmental destruction, and animal abuse, many of us found that no matter what we bought we ended up supporting something deplorable. We came to realize that the problem isn’t just a few bad corporations but the entire system itself.”

Back to Our Regularly Scheduled Program of Chomsky . . .

June 12, 2012

In the recent recall election in Wisconsin, exit polls showed evidence that overwhelmingly–70%–of the people who voted to retain feep Republican governor Scott Walker in power did so because they had been persuaded by saturation pro-Walker propaganda–funded by millions of dollars in campaign contributions from out of state–that claimed that dethroning this particular abject servant of Big Money in the middle of his term was somehowsomewhichway inappropriate, even though the recall was conducted according to all appropriate procedures required by Wisconsin law, and in the spirit of participatory democracy which this nation’s founders sought to infuse in the people of the new Republic they had made into a reality. Big Money recidivism triumphed. Democracy–not to mention decency–lost. The people lost–all but the boys with the cash, who are once again smiling on their way to the bank, salivating with anticipation over the new sugarplums of corporate tax breaks and subsidies for the 1% la Walker will attempt to throw their way come Christmastime.

Fatalism, deeply buried beneath layers of Right-wing, conservative disinformation,  won in Wisconsin (as it will, in all likelihood, one way or another, in the upcoming U. S. Presidential election).

Occupy the Streets

But there are some who are not willing to lay down and die–not just yet. Hence IOPS–which stands for, depending on how you weigh your words, International Organization for Participatory Society, or International Organization for Participatory Socialism. Either way it’s different music for those who dance to a different drummer. And it’s all about getting involved–activism–imagining, organizing, building a better social order with participatory democracy as an essential cornerstone. And it is the antithesis of the Big Money propaganda that favored keeping Walker in his seat in Wisconsin, and may even be the antidote to such tragic deformations and trivializations of democracy.

IOPS. Seems like a good idea.

“One of the primary achievements of the Occupy movements, I think, was the spontaneous development of communities of support and solidarity, with direct participation and open spaces for discussion and interchange, and mutual aid in many dimensions. That creates bonds and associations, and changes consciousness, and could spark really significant and positive changes in the society at large. IOPS can aspire to carrying such achievements far beyond.”

Chomsky On IOPS” at ZNet.