And oh yeah–the French are fucked too . . .

July 18, 2017

“If Donald Trump had stood before 19 countries, his white skin practically gleaming under lights and television cameras, and said that Africa’s problems weren’t due to anything else but having too many kids and a ‘civilization problem’ every liberal from Portland to Massachusetts would collectively shit themselves with rage. They would decry the inhumanity in Rightist thinking, its racism, and above all it’s desire to maintain a brutally hierarchical status-quo.”

From “Macron, Much Like Centrism, Is a Vile Predatory Piece of Garbage” by Dr. Bones, via disinfo.

But when recently-elected “centrist” French President Emmanuel Macron pulls the same vampire-rabbit out of his magical neoliberal ass, so-called liberals in the U. S. ooh and aah and clap clap clap. The French people “dodged a bullet” when they elected Macron instead of the more openly bigoted Right-wing candidate Marine Le Pen a short time ago–so declared the U. S. economist and reputedly liberal pundit Robert Reich.  While I was quite happy to see Le Pen’s campaign go down in flames, I think it would be far more accurate and honest to say that the French dodged one bullet only by taking another.